The Xenomorph malware family, known for its advanced capabilities and distribution campaigns, has resurfaced with new overlays targeting institutions and crypto wallets in the United States and Portugal.

Xenomorph Malware Returns to Strike Customers of Over 30 American Banks

The article discusses the latest campaign of the Xenomorph malware family, which is a highly advanced Android banking malware. The malware uses phishing webpages to trick victims into installing malicious APKs and has expanded its list of targets to include institutions from the United States, Portugal, and crypto wallets. The article also highlights the malware's powerful Automated Transfer System (ATS) framework, which allows for full device control and the manipulation of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The article mentions that the malware has added new features such as an "antisleep" function to prevent the device from going into sleep mode and a "mimic" feature. The Xenomorph malware campaign is ongoing, with thousands of downloads in Spain and the United States.

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