The attacks were likely DDoS attacks, disrupting websites but not impacting airport operations or flights. The UK's NCSC is investigating the attacks, while Gatwick Airport officials are also dealing with spoofed Twitter accounts in their name.

UserSec Takes Credit for Gatwick Cyberattack Post DDoS Assault on Manchester Airport

Hackers from a group called UserSec have claimed responsibility for a cyberattack on Gatwick Airport in the UK. This comes after they targeted Manchester Airport earlier. The nature of the attack is not clear, but it is suspected to be a DDoS attack. The officials confirmed the Manchester Airport attack but stated that it did not impact operations or flights. The National Cyber Security Centre is investigating the incident. Gatwick Airport officials have also expressed concerns about fake Twitter accounts in the airport's name. UserSec has previously targeted Birmingham Airport in August. The airport confirmed a Distributed Denial of Service attack and is conducting an investigation.

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