The FBI has attributed recent cryptocurrency hacks to North Korean-sponsored threat actors, highlighting the need for increased cybersecurity cooperation among liberal democracies in the Pacific.

US, South Korea and Japan Launch Group to Tackle North Korean Hacking

The United States, South Korea, and Japan have formed a high-level consultative body to address cyber threats, particularly those originating from North Korea. The group aims to enhance their joint response capabilities and develop measures to block cyber activities that fund North Korea's weapons development. Additionally, South Korea and Australia have agreed to establish a bilateral working group to identify common threats and coordinate responses. This move comes after the FBI attributed recent hacks targeting cryptocurrency platforms to North Korean-sponsored threat actors. Cyber cooperation among liberal democracies in the Pacific has been increasing, partly in response to North Korean operations and alleged Chinese cyber activity. The Biden administration has also formed a Quad Cybersecurity Partnership involving the US, India, Japan, and Australia to strengthen software, supply chains, and user data. Chinese officials have criticized these efforts, accusing the US of fueling geopolitical rivalry.

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