The stolen data, believed to be from an authorized retailer called Connectivity Source, includes employee IDs, login information, Social Security numbers, and service account details.

Update: T-Mobile Denies Rumors of a Breach Affecting Employee Data

T-Mobile has denied rumors of a recent data breach affecting their employees, stating that the leaked data is related to an attack on an independent retailer named Connectivity Source in April. The stolen employee data, totaling 90 gigabytes, was shared on criminal forums and messaging platforms. T-Mobile clarified that their systems were not breached and that the leaked information belonged to the independent retailer. This comes after T-Mobile faced complaints from customers about a separate issue where personal data was visible on customer accounts. T-Mobile has experienced multiple data breaches in the past, leading to legal settlements and increased scrutiny from regulatory authorities. The Federal Communications Commission is currently investigating potential changes to breach notification rules for telecommunications companies.

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