The leaked data includes backups of various systems, with the most recent files having an October 22 timestamp, raising concerns about potential vulnerabilities in Boeing's IT infrastructure.

Update: Lockbit Ransomware Leaks Gigabytes of Boeing Data

The LockBit ransomware gang has leaked over 43GB of data from Boeing after the company refused to pay a ransom. The leaked data includes backups for various systems, with the most recent files dating back to October 22. LockBit had warned Boeing that the data would be made public if they didn't engage in negotiations, but the company ignored the warnings. The ransomware gang then threatened to release a 4GB sample of the stolen data, and when Boeing continued to be unresponsive, they followed through with their threat and published all the data they had. It is speculated that LockBit may have exploited the recently disclosed Citrix Bleed vulnerability. Boeing has confirmed the cyberattack but has not provided any details about the breach. LockBit is a well-established ransomware-as-a-service operation that has targeted numerous organizations globally and has extorted millions of dollars since 2020.

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