The outage has hindered electronic filings, payment processing, case management, public access to records, and applications for various legal services, leading to delays and a reliance on paper-based processes.

Update: Kansas Court System Down Nearly Two Weeks in ‘Security Incident’ That Has Hallmarks of Ransomware

Kansas has experienced a massive computer outage in its court system for two weeks, which officials are now calling a "security incident." Although they have not provided an explanation, experts believe it is likely a ransomware attack. This disruption has affected attorneys' ability to access online records and has forced them to resort to filing motions on paper. Similar attacks have targeted court systems in other states, but the scale of the Kansas incident is unprecedented. The state's Judicial Branch is investigating the matter, and law enforcement agencies are involved. No ransomware group has claimed responsibility yet. The outage has caused delays in court proceedings and has impacted various court functions. The state's move to a statewide online court system has both advantages and disadvantages in terms of security. The incident highlights the vulnerability of court systems to cyber attacks.

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