An infinite money glitch has been found in Starfield, and we've got all the information you need to know about how to pull it off and make infinite credits.

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Starfield infinite money glitch: How to use & get infinite credits

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7th Sep 2023 13:48

Making money in Starfield can be a tall order at first. If you want to make money fast, there's an infinite money glitch you can use to get as many credits as you want in the game .

This infinite credits glitch was uncovered recently, and it will take out out of bounds beneath New Atlantis to find a secret chest full of credits.

This will definitely affect the game's sense of progression, so only do this glitch if you really want to. If you're keen on grabbing an infinite amount of credits, keep reading to find out exactly how to do it.

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How to do the infinite money glitch in Starfield

To pull off the infinite money glitch in Starfield you'll need to follow a certain path in New Atlantis . This is a glitched route, and the video above will show you exactly what path you need to take (credit to vNivara ).

Make sure you have a boost pack and some med packs to heal with, then head to New Atlantis and go to the Commercial District . It's worth saving after each of these steps as this can be a tricky process. Refer to the video above if you get stuck along the way.

When you load in, you should see a sign . Turn right and go to the ledge overlooking the dam , then follow the steps below.

  • Jump down and boost to the other side of the dam
  • Go right and head to the edge of the rocky ledge
  • Jump over the white structure to your left and down onto the stone ledge below
  • Keep going then turn around, and boost through the crack in the wall
  • Fall down the hill and go towards the water, then walk up the hill nearby until you start floating

You are now considered " underwater ", and this is where the med packs will come in handy. There's no way to avoid damage in this next part so just get your med packs at the ready.

  • Move between the two rock walls but don't touch either side or you'll fall
  • Follow the path until you reach a ledge on the rocks
  • Boost over the ledge in front of you
  • Walk toward the underside of a building and a rocky wall to its right side
  • Turn right and jump up the wall. You'll need to boost a few times to push yourself through

You will end up in an area with a chest on the ground near TerraBrew . This chest has some credits, but it's not our goal.

Just carry on and drop down under the landing pad to find another chest below the Trade Authority Kiosk and a ship vendor. This chest will have 72,000 credits you can take.

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How to reset ship vendor's inventory in Starfield

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So you've found the chest, but it's not exactly an infinite amount of money yet. You can actually reset the vendor's inventory in Starfield to pull off the infinite money glitch as many times as you want.

To do this, travel to another system and rest for 24 hours . You can do this using the bed on your ship, or if your ship doesn't have one just find a chair or bench to sit on.

Head back to New Atlantis and speak with the ship vendor by the landing pad and the Trade Authority Kiosk. By speaking to him you will reset his inventory (the 72,000 credits) and you'll be able to do the glitch all over again.

Alternatively, you can simply use console commands on PC to give yourself as much money as you want. This is a lot quicker than pulling off the glitch but it will force your playthrough to become a " modded " playthrough.

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