Ryobi is known to be affordable, but that doesn't mean that they are low quality tools. In fact, here are five Ryobi power tools both pros and DIYers love.

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5 Ryobi Power Tools Both Pros And Novices Love

Ryobi isn't typically a brand professionals gravitate toward, with it being known as more of a budget option. Just because the power tools might be cheaper than the competition doesn't mean the quality is way lower — in fact, there are a few no-brainer purchases at their price point — several options in the catalog appeal to pros and beginners alike. No, you're not going to want to fill up your entire collection with Ryobi if you're a professional, but there are definitely plenty of tools you can keep for around the house that'll work just fine. There are even some that can run you for more than $200 that are worth the investment.

In this situation, you'll want to focus more on everyday household tools like a cordless drill and other smaller devices that you'll use often. When it comes to things like this, you can afford to save a bit of cash as you'll likely be using the tools for simpler projects. If you're doing more involved projects that require a lot of building, that's where you'll probably benefit from a more expensive and powerful product. So, let's take a look at five Ryobi power tools that both professionals and DIYers love.

18V ONE+ 1/2-inch Drill/Driver Kit

The Ryobi's 18V ONE+ 1/2-inch Drill/Driver Kit is a perfect option for everybody. You can pick up the tool, a battery, and a charger for $80. At that price, it comes in at a very good spot between affordability and reliability. Ryobi's option can go up to 1,750 RPM, so while it's not the fastest or strongest drill on the market, it's great for casual use. Novices and professionals won't find many issues with using this drill at home. You'll just want to make sure you reign in your expectations with what can be done. Ryobi's cordless drill will work best with simple stuff around the house, like assembling furniture, mounting a TV, or hanging a shelf. Reviews for this drill come in at nearly perfect five stars, so it's clear people are happy with the purchase.

Since this is an 18V Ryobi product, you'll also have some added versatility with the drill. You can use the battery that comes with this drill interchangeable with other 18V Ryobi products. If you're buying into the Ryobi ecosystem, you will eventually have enough batteries on hand that you'll always have a charge when you need it.

18V ONE+ Pruning Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw is very nice to have around, especially if you have a bunch of landscaping opportunities around your house. Pruning tree branches and bushes can be tedious, but it's a necessary job if you want to keep your yard looking nice. Ryobi's reciprocating saw is good to have around if you want to clean up some bushes without running a cord across your yard. It's a cordless option that uses Ryobi's 18V battery, so you can swap it out with batteries of the same voltage if you have a few extras.

You won't be chopping down massive branches with this saw, but instead, it'll be better suited for some of the smaller limbs around the yard. Ryobi's saw does everything you can ask of it, provided you know exactly what you're getting into with the purchase. It will run you around $145, or you can opt for a version without a battery for $99 to save some cash. The latter option will be good if you're part of the Ryobi ecosystem already and have some spare batteries.

USB Lithium Soldering Pen Kit

Having a good soldering pen can come in handy if you're working with electronics. Fun DIY projects like putting a new screen into an old GameBoy handheld can require having a soldering iron if you want to take advantage of the brightness settings, so it's good to have one around. Ryobi's soldering pen is a nice option as it can heat up to 900 degrees in a hurry, so there's next to no downtime when you need to use it. It's powered by USB and heats up in less than two minutes.

There's not a whole lot to dislike about this pen, and if you ever envision yourself needing to solder anything, this is a solid option. For $70, you get the pen, the battery, and a USB charging cable. It comes with a built-in light that allows you to see what you're soldering. A 10W pen might seem low at first glance, but you shouldn't run into any issues with quick and easy jobs like soldering a few wires.

18V ONE+ HP Brushless 30-degree Airstrike Framing Nailer

Doing bigger projects, which can still qualify as DIY, might require getting a nail gun. Ryobi's framing nailer comes in at around $300, or you can spend $389 to include the charger and battery. A nailer like this can be used for all sorts of projects, and you'll find that putting a shed together or building a picnic table will be much easier with it. This model can hold up to 60 nails in the magazine, and it'll be able to drive up to 750 of them on a single charge. This is another power tool that finds itself in the 18V Ryobi battery family, so it's interchangeable with batteries of the same voltage.

Beginners and professional woodworkers alike will want some sort of nailer in their collection, and Ryobi's is a great option. It's affordable and reliable enough to be sitting at a perfect five-star rating on Ryobi's website. The three-year manufacturer warranty also covers you if you're on the fence about the purchase.

18V ONE+ 1-gallon air compressor

An air compressor is always nice to have around, especially if you have an untimely leak. Instead of taking your car to a gas station, paying for the air, and hoping the machine doesn't turn off before you're finished airing up your tires — you can opt for Ryobi's 1-gallon air compressor. This is another Ryobi product that uses the same 18V battery that's interchangeable with other products, so that's a big positive right there.

The big selling point is that it's mobile, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Taking one camping can be very nice because you'll be able to inflate your air mattress, beach toys, and whatever else you decide to bring. At $179, it is a bit pricy as you can grab a 6-gallon air compressor for around the same price — but those won't be mobile. As long as you only use the compressor for small things like an air mattress or to get out of a jam, you'll be very satisfied with the purchase.

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