The attack was not driven by military necessity but rather aimed to increase the psychological toll of the war, showcasing Russia's focus on disrupting and degrading military readiness through cyber means.

Russian Sandworm APT Group Caused Power Outage in October 2022

Russian military hackers, known as Sandworm, successfully conducted a cyberattack on a power grid substation in Ukraine in October 2022, according to cybersecurity researchers at Mandiant. The attack, which coincided with missile strikes on Ukraine's critical infrastructure, utilized lightweight techniques to decrease the time and resources needed for the attack. Sandworm, which has targeted Ukraine for several years, aims to disrupt and cause psychological harm rather than serve a military purpose. The Kremlin is expected to increase critical infrastructure hacks as the weather gets colder. The hackers gained initial access through a hypervisor and deployed various tools for command and control.

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