The diagnostic service left 7 terabytes of sensitive data vulnerable, including medical diagnostic scans, test results, patient information, and even the names of attending doctors.

Redcliffe Labs Database with Over 12 Million Patient Records Exposed

Indian diagnostic service provider Redcliffe Labs experienced a major data breach, exposing over 12 million healthcare records. The breach, discovered by cybersecurity expert Jeremiah Fowler, revealed that the records, including medical scans and patient information, were left unprotected without password security. The exposed database also contained the names of attending doctors. Redcliffe Labs promptly secured the database after being alerted by Fowler. The breach raises concerns about data protection and the potential misuse of sensitive records. It is unclear if hackers had already accessed the data or launched social engineering attacks using the exposed records. Redcliffe Labs operates over 60 laboratories and 2000 wellness and collection centers in India.

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