QNAP urges customers to implement security measures such as changing default access port numbers, using strong passwords, and updating firmware to protect against future attacks.

QNAP Takes Down Server Behind Widespread Brute-Force Attacks

QNAP, a Taiwanese hardware vendor, has taken down a malicious server used in widespread brute-force attacks targeting Internet-exposed NAS devices. With assistance from Digital Ocean, QNAP was able to block hundreds of infected systems and identify the source command-and-control server within 48 hours. They urge customers to secure their devices by changing access port numbers, using strong passwords, updating firmware, and implementing defensive measures outlined in their security guide. NAS devices are frequently targeted by cybercriminals due to the valuable information they store. Other recent attacks on QNAP devices include ransomware campaigns. Synology, another NAS maker, has also warned customers of ongoing brute-force attacks that could lead to ransomware infections.

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