The targeted system, Mir, is a homegrown alternative to international payment brands and has seen increased usage in Russia following the country's invasion of Ukraine and the departure of international payment services.

Pro-Ukrainian Hacker Groups Claim to Breach Russia's National Card Payment System

A group of pro-Ukrainian hackers known as DumpForums and the Ukrainian Cyber Alliance claim to have hacked Russia's national card payment system. They defaced the website of the government-run National Payment Card System (NSPK) and allegedly gained access to the internal systems of Mir, the Russian consumer payment network. NSPK confirmed the website hack but denied any data leakage, stating that the website does not store confidential information and is not connected to the payment infrastructure. The hackers claim to have obtained 30 gigabytes of Mir data. Mir was created as an alternative to international payment brands like Visa and Mastercard following Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2014. Ukrainian hackers have previously targeted Russian banks to disrupt the country's economy and hamper financing for the war in Ukraine.

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