The leaked data includes critical details such as email addresses, names, usernames, and geographic locations, posing a considerable threat as it is now accessible on the dark web.

Potential Data Breach at, 800K User Records May Be Compromised, an online gaming platform for chess enthusiasts, has allegedly experienced a data breach, resulting in the exposure of over 800,000 user records. The breach, claimed by an individual known as 'DrOne,' raises concerns about the platform's cybersecurity measures and the safety of user information. The leaked data includes email addresses, names, usernames, and geographic locations of the affected users. A user on the X platform revealed the breach, stating that 99% of the compromised records were already present in cybercriminal databases. This highlights the platform's ability to protect user data. Despite's claim that the leaked records represent a small fraction of its user base, the compromised data is now accessible on the dark web. has not responded to requests for verification of the breach. This incident follows a trend of recent data leaks, raising questions about the security measures employed by online platforms. Users are advised to change their passwords frequently and be cautious of phishing attempts. This breach reminds us of the ongoing cyber threats and the need for robust cybersecurity measures.

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