Google researchers independently discovered the vulnerability and identified "very strange behavior" related to how redundant prefixes are interpreted by the CPU, leading to potential security bypasses.

New Reptar CPU Flaw Impacts Intel Desktop and Server Systems

Intel has fixed a high-severity vulnerability in its CPUs that could allow attackers to escalate privileges, access sensitive information, or trigger a denial of service state. The flaw, known as CVE-2023-23583 or the "Redundant Prefix Issue," affects modern desktop, server, mobile, and embedded CPUs, including the latest microarchitectures. Intel has released microcode updates for affected processors, including Alder Lake, Raptor Lake, and Sapphire Rapids. Google researchers also independently discovered the vulnerability, which they named Reptar. Users are advised to update their BIOS, system OS, and drivers to receive the latest microcode from their OEM, OSV, and hypervisor vendors.

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