The Allcare Pharmacy data breach, claimed by the Lorenz ransomware group, has exposed sensitive customer information, including Social Security Numbers, raising concerns about data security and patient privacy in the healthcare sector.

Lorenz Ransomware Group Attacks Allcare Pharmacy in Major Cyber Assault

The Lorenz ransomware group has claimed responsibility for a cyber attack on Allcare Pharmacy, exposing sensitive customer information, including Social Security Numbers. This breach adds to the growing list of victims targeted by the group, which has been known for targeting high-profile organizations since 2021. The healthcare sector has seen a surge in cyber attacks, with the Lorenz group being one of the notorious groups involved. Healthcare organizations faced 1,426 attacks per week in 2022, with the cost of a data breach averaging $10.10 million. The Lorenz group employs sophisticated tactics, demanding ransoms for the release of encrypted data.

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