The Lorenz extortion group has targeted and leaked data from the Texas-based Cogdell Memorial Hospital, adding to the rising number of ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations in the US.

Lorenz Ransomware Gang Hit Texas-Based Cogdell Memorial Hospital

The Lorenz extortion group has leaked data stolen from Cogdell Memorial Hospital in Texas. The hospital experienced a network incident in early November, causing limited access to systems and phone services. The group claims to have stolen over 400GB of data, including internal files, patient medical images, and employee emails. The Lorenz group is known for their ransomware attacks and demands high ransoms from their victims. This incident adds to the growing number of ransomware attacks targeting healthcare organizations in the US. Other recent attacks include the hacking of Morrison Community Hospital by the ALPHV/BlackCat group and the breaches of Carthage Area Hospital and Clayton-Hepburn Medical Center by the LockBit group. The LockBit gang has a policy against attacking healthcare organizations and previously apologized for an attack on the Hospital for Sick Children. The Rhysida ransomware group also made headlines for hacking Prospect Medical Holdings and three other US hospitals. These attacks highlight the ongoing threat of ransomware to the healthcare sector.

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