The platform provides comprehensive visibility into the security posture of all images in a cluster, prioritizing remediation efforts and highlighting high-risk workloads.

Kubescape 3.0 Elevates Open-Source Kubernetes Security

Kubescape, the open-source Kubernetes security platform, has released version 3.0. This version introduces new features to help organizations secure their Kubernetes clusters, including storing compliance and container scan results as Kubernetes resources, scanning container images for vulnerabilities from the command line, reporting on cluster-wide vulnerabilities, and identifying high-risk workloads. The update also includes improved display output, a new capability-based Helm chart, Prometheus metrics for monitoring security posture, alerting through Prometheus Alertmanager, and the ability to send data outside of the cluster for storage. The next versions, 3.1 and 4.0, will introduce an in-cluster web UI and expand Kubescape into a full Kubernetes-native application protection platform, respectively. Kubescape is available for free on GitHub.

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