The recent DDoS attacks by pro-Ukrainian hackers targeted Russian ISPs, including Miranda-media, Krimtelekom, and MirTelekom, affecting not only Crimea but also occupied parts of other regions.

IT Army of Ukraine Claims to Disrupt Internet Providers in Russia-Occupied Territories

Ukrainian hacktivists belonging to the IT Army of Ukraine group have conducted DDoS attacks on Russian internet providers in occupied territories. The attacks targeted three providers, disrupting internet services in Crimea and other regions. The hacktivist group is encouraging supporters to join their operations. In response, a Russian internet service provider announced it was facing a massive DDoS attack but managed to mitigate it by the end of the day. Both Russian and Ukrainian threat actors have targeted telecommunication infrastructure and internet services. A Russia-linked APT group called Sandworm has compromised 11 Ukrainian telecommunications providers, causing service disruptions.

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