Defective iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max handsets are being received by buyers with issues regarding fit and finish.

Some iPhone 15 Pro units are arriving with defects - PhoneArena

Per X tipster Majin Bu (via Wccftech ), some iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max phones are coming out of the box with defects. On a few of these units, the titanium frame had no color applied to it and where there was color on the defective devices, it were not applied uniformly. Another issue with these defective units involves the placement of the display which is not aligned correctly with the edges of the device.

Reportedly, a Foxconn employee had mentioned that the first batch of iPhone 15 Pro series phones will have problems and that is apparently what we are seeing here. Majin Bu added a second tweet which included more images of defects. In this tweet, the tipster writes, "Some iPhone 15 Pro units appear to have display misalignment, dirt on the camera lenses, scratches on the screen, and signs of damage in various areas, there are reports of bubbles and discolored squares. This happens for units destined for the US, Chinese and EU markets."

Another tweet includes a message from a premium reseller who noticed "uneven gaps on the back glass," wobbly OLED screens, phones coming out of the box with long scratches, and bubbles under the glass measuring 5cm x 4cm. While the main problems are seen on the Pro units, some iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus units are showing defects as well. The reseller noted that he never saw problems like this with the iPhone 14 Pro models.

On Reddit , there are a few complaints about iPhone 15 series devices arriving in less than pristine condition. One post came from someone who purchased the iPhone 15 Pro Max and it came out of the box with three cracks in the rear panel. The owner of this iPhone said that the phone was loose in the box when he opened it.

If you've received one of the defective units, what you should do is contact Apple as soon as possible and arrange for a replacement to be shipped to you as fast as possible. To avoid receiving a defective unit, you could wait until Apple and its contract manufacturers have made the necessary corrections on the assembly line, although we would ber surprised if as public statement to that effect was ever issued.

If you just can't wait, or feel like something like this could never happen to someone like you, these defects don't seem to impact the operations of the affected devices. That means that while you're waiting for your replacement unit from Apple , you can still use your new phone.

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