Would you pay more than you paid for your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max to purchase a case for the device?

This case for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max costs more than what you paid for your phone - PhoneArena

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are expensive purchases with their prices starting at $999 and $1,199 respectively. Most users like to protect their handsets by placing them in a case. Of course, not all iPhone users agree as many would prefer to show off the color and design of their iPhone and there are others who want that Apple logo on the back panel uncovered just to show the world that they do, indeed, own an iPhone.

Those who choose to ensconce the iPhone in a case can be separated into two categories. Some buy a nice-looking case without researching how much protection it offers the phone when dropped while others scour the internet looking for cases that meet certain military specifications. There are case manufacturers that advertise by throwing a newly purchased iPhone into the air and showing off to the camera that it is still in pristine condition after it hits the ground with a thud.

The price range for Apple iPhone 15 cases is very broad

The price range of the iPhone 15 Pro series case market is very wide and you can spend anywhere from $25 to more than $100 to buy a new case. This year, Apple launched its new line of FineWoven cases which are priced at $59. One of the most intriguing cases that you can slap on a premium 2023 iPhone is Casetify's Ultra Bounce Case ($112) which the company says offers protection from falls as high as 10 meters (32.8 feet).

For some, spending $112 on a case would seem a high price to pay, but it is far from being the most expensive case that an iPhone 15 Pro series user can buy. Suppose we told you that a luxury firm out of Singapore called GRAY has announced the Alter Ego line of cases for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max that cost as much as the phones themselves. Made with aerospace-grade titanium, the cases are available in Natural Titanium, Stealth Titanium, and Gold Titanium.

Before you view the pricing for these cases, you best be sitting down. The Natural Titanium case for the iPhone 15 Pro will retail for $1,099 but can be pre-ordered for $989. The Stealth Titanium case (only 250 will be made) is priced at $1,399 with a pre-order price of $1,259. And the Gold Titanium iPhone 15 Pro case (limited to 150) is tagged at $1,699 with a pre-order price of $1,529.

The price list for the iPhone 15 Pro Max Alter Ego case starts at $1,299 with a pre-order price of $1,169. The Stealth Titanium case (only 250 will be manufactured) will cost you $1,599 with a $1,439 pre-order price, and the Gold Titanium Alter Ego case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max is listed at $1,899 each with a pre-order price of $1,709 (only 150 units of the latter will be made available). The company also offers cases for the Apple Watch.

The Alter Ego cases for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max start shipping in January

Kevin Wu, founder and CEO of GRAY, says, "When we designed the Alter Ego, our main goal was creating a case that would complement and elevate all the beautiful design elements of the iPhone and not conceal them. What a waste it would be to cover your iPhone with a plastic case when so much effort went into its design and engineering. A titanium case for a titanium iPhone. It’s the only way."

The company is currently accepting pre-orders until November 30 with shipping expected to commence in January. If you're in the market for a case for your iPhone 15 , here are the best ones that we've found so far.

Yes, it does seem crazy to spend more than your new iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max to buy a case for the device. Especially one that does look a little, uh, strange. But the raised titanium protects the phone from drops while leaving access to all buttons and the USB-C port. The camera lenses are unobstructed. There probably is a market for the Alter Ego cases but the odds of seeing one protecting an iPhone 15 Pro series unit in the wild are quite prohibitive.

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