The iPhone 15 Pro Max performs worse than any iPhone in recent memory in a durability test.

iPhone 15 Pro Max miserably fails durability test - PhoneArena

The new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max feature titanium sides and theoretically, this should make the phones more durable than their predecessors, which are made of stainless steel. Since the iPhone 15 Pro hasn't been out too long, it's too soon to make any definite comments regarding the durability of the phone but early reports are not very promising.

Recently, a series of drop tests carried out in Australia suggested that the iPhone 14 Pro is far more robust than the iPhone 15 Pro and now Zack Nelson has posted a video on his JerryRigEverything YouTube channel which indicates that the iPhone 15 Pro Max should be handled with care.

The phone's display is highly resistant to scratches, only showing visible marks at Mohs level 7. The titanium frame is scratchable but the back is not. The camera lenses are also very resilient to scratches.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max has titanium bands but the internal structure is made from aluminum. Apple used a thermo-mechanical process to weld the two metals together. The phone's back glass is removable, which should help with repairability.

When Nelson bent the phone, the back glass cracked almost immediately. This was shocking because most phones, especially iPhones, hold up better than this in bend tests. He theorizes that the back glass cracked easily either because titanium has more tensile strength than aluminum or because it's not as elastic as aluminum, so the glass gets all the pressure.

Another possibility is that since the glass is modular, it's now easier to break, as it's no longer affixed to the back of the phone. The only silver lining here is that the back glass is now cheaper to repair than before.

Aside from the back glass getting shattered, nothing major had happened to the iPhone 15 Pro by the end of the torture test and it kept working perfectly fine.

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