According to Microsoft, ransomware gangs are evolving their tactics, with an increase in data exfiltration attacks and the targeting of smaller organizations and less well-known software.

Human-Operated Ransomware Attacks Tripled Over Past Year: Report

Human-operated ransomware attacks have increased by over 200% since September 2022, according to researchers from Microsoft. This rise in attacks could indicate a shift in the cybercrime underground, with individual ransomware hackers seeking to maximize their returns by working for multiple gangs. These human-operated attacks often target unmanaged devices, such as those used under "bring your own device" policies, as they tend to have fewer security controls. Microsoft's report also highlighted an overall increase in ransomware attacks compared to the previous year, with a 12% growth in affiliates of ransomware-as-a-service groups. The hackers are adapting their tactics to overcome defensive measures implemented by companies. One concerning trend is the doubling of attacks involving data exfiltration since November 2022, indicating that hackers are stealing data rather than just encrypting it. However, the report also noted that most ransomware attacks did not succeed in encrypting anything, with only 2% progressing to successful ransomware deployment.

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