Huawei, Honor, and Vivo devices are displaying false security alerts urging the deletion of the Google app due to a supposed TrojanSMS-PA malware, but Google denies that its app triggered the alerts.

Huawei, Vivo Phones Tag Google App as TrojanSMS-PA Malware

Users of Huawei, Honor, and Vivo smartphones and tablets are receiving false security threat alerts that urge them to delete the Google app. The alerts claim that the app is detected as the 'TrojanSMS-PA' malware and advise immediate uninstallation. When users click on the alert for more details, it warns that the app is secretly sending SMS messages and engaging in other malicious activities. Google has stated that its Play Protect is not triggering the alert and suggests contacting the device manufacturer for further information. The alerts are being shown by the Huawei Optimizer app on Huawei devices, but it is unclear which app is displaying them for Vivo or Honor phones. It is recommended to ignore the warning if the Google app was not side-loaded and to try clearing the cache or reinstalling the Huawei Optimizer app to resolve the issue. There has been no official comment from the device makers regarding these false positive alerts.

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