Pretty much all of the key Pixel Watch 2 selling points, capabilities, and upgrades are either revealed, confirmed, or further detailed in this hot new 60-second promotional video.

Google's upcoming Pixel Watch 2 bares all in freshly leaked promo video - PhoneArena

For a first-gen Google product, last year's Pixel Watch was... definitely not too bad. Compared to the industry-leading Apple Watch , the Wear OS-powered timepiece looked much closer to a good old fashioned wristwatch, which seems to be an important buying factor for many people, and with Fitbit's help, the device integrated quite a few undoubtedly useful and functional health monitoring tools.

But now it's (almost) time for a second edition, and as expected, teased, and rumored of late, the Pixel Watch 2 will look to improve on many of the things that the original model didn't do as well as (some) of the competition while adding a number of potentially game-changing sensors to the mix and keeping the external appearance largely unchanged.

How do we know all that? Well, believe it or not, a full promotional video has been leaked with a little over a week to go until Google's big hardware ( and software ) launch event this fall , highlighting many of the Pixel Watch 2 's key selling points and features while also showing off its familiar design from all angles. And if that's not enough, 91mobiles claims to have entered into possession of an "official document" further detailing several new and upgraded capabilities.

The Pixel Watch 2 will take your temperature and help keep your daily stress in check

Given that the Pixel 8 Pro handset has long been revealed to house a somewhat unusual temperature sensor on its back, it was certainly not shocking to hear that the second-gen Pixel Watch would adopt a similar feature that's now all but etched in stone.

The Pixel Watch 2 is undoubtedly inspired by the Fitbit Sense 2 in its use of both a skin temperature sensor and cEDA (continuous electrodermal activity) monitor, but according to recent rumors , the former component could act as a modern-day equivalent of a thermometer available at any time for owners of Google's next big Apple Watch rival.

That would make this thing far more convenient than a Fitbit Sense 2, and yes, even a brand-new Apple Watch Series 9 , both of which offer limited uses of their respective temperature trackers. Of course, one powerful and versatile sensor does not a great smartwatch make, which is why it's definitely exciting to see the Pixel Watch 2 advertised as capable of monitoring and managing your stress levels throughout the day as well.

Then you have a heart rate sensor apparently capable of providing "more accurate" readings than before, "spot-on" sleep tracking functionality (which is probably not new or improved in any meaningful way), a bunch of common workouts that will automatically be detected and closely supervised, not to mention an expanded set of safety tools with a very handy "Safety Check" feature at its center.

What else do we know about the Pixel Watch 2 and how much will it cost?

Even though such claims can often be misleading, seeing Google hype up the Pixel Watch 2 with an identical 24-hour battery life rating as its predecessor makes us think, well, that nothing will change in real-life use from this crucial standpoint, leaving users rather inconvenienced by how frequently they'll need to recharge their hot new wearable.

On the bright side, we have every reason to expect an important boost in overall performance with the rumored replacement of that terribly outdated Exynos 9110 processor with a Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 . That's not the kind of upgrade you typically see mentioned in these official promo videos and marketing materials, unlike things like native Google Assistant support and target heart rate zones.

Made from aluminum instead of stainless steel, the Pixel Watch 2 looks overall extremely similar to its forerunner and is even expected to come in four rather familiar colour combinations and a single case size at a familiar price point. Nothing is guaranteed in that department just yet, but Google's next in-house contender for the title of best smartwatch money can buy will reportedly cost 349 pounds in the UK .

That's 10 quid more than the base price of the OG Pixel Watch , which is a pretty unusual but almost negligible hike that may not even be matched in the US. That's right, we think the Pixel Watch 2 will start at the same 350 bucks as its predecessor stateside, thus undercutting the cheapest Apple Watch Series 9 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic models.

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