A recent cryptocurrency scam used Google Forms quizzes to direct recipients to a fake website, where they were instructed to pay an "exchange fee" in Bitcoin to claim a large sum of money.

Crooks Leverage Google Quiz Messages as Part of Crypto Scam

Cybercriminals are using Google Forms quizzes to generate spam messages and scam money from people. By creating a quiz and using the victim's email address to respond, they can exploit the feature that releases the quiz score to send malicious emails. These emails, appearing to come from Google, have a higher chance of bypassing anti-spam protections. In a recent cryptocurrency scam, hackers used the quiz score email to direct recipients to a website where they were promised bitcoin in exchange for an "exchange fee." However, no one has fallen for the scam so far. The level of detail and social engineering involved in this scam highlights the lengths cybercriminals will go to extort even small amounts of money.

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