CISA's roadmap outlines five key areas of focus, including responsible use of AI, secure adoption of AI-based software, protection against malicious use of AI, collaboration with partners, and workforce education on AI systems and techniques.

CISA Outlines AI-Related Cybersecurity Efforts

The US cybersecurity agency CISA has released a roadmap outlining its efforts to promote the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in enhancing security and supporting critical infrastructure organizations. The roadmap emphasizes the need for secure-by-design principles in AI system development and aims to protect AI systems from threats while preventing threat actors from using AI to target critical infrastructure. CISA plans to integrate AI across its systems to defend against cyber threats and improve the resilience of critical infrastructure. The roadmap also highlights five key areas of focus, including responsible AI use, secure software adoption, protecting critical infrastructure, collaboration with other agencies and partners, and educating the workforce on AI systems.

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