The leak consisted of publicly accessible environment files hosted on the airline's website. It included MySQL database credentials, SMTP configuration, and other sensitive information, potentially allowing unauthorized access and phishing attacks.

Canadian Flair Airlines Leaked MySQL Database Credentials, SMTP Configs, and Other Sensitive Data

Canadian airline Flair Airlines left sensitive databases and email addresses exposed for at least seven months, according to researchers. The leak, discovered by the Cybernews research team, increases the risk of passengers' personal information falling into the wrong hands. The leak included publicly accessible environment files on the website, revealing MySQL database credentials, SMTP configurations, and other sensitive information. While it is unclear how much data was exposed, at least one subdomain for booking group travel collected private user information such as names, emails, phone numbers, and flight details. It is unknown if any malicious actors took advantage of the leak. The vulnerability was eventually resolved after several months of follow-up notifications. Cybersecurity experts warn that leaks like this can be a starting point for cybercriminals, allowing them to research targets, launch phishing attacks, and potentially plan more sophisticated attacks. Flair Airlines is advised to reset leaked keys and credentials, protect customer information, and consider moving exposed infrastructure to new hosts.

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