The ransomware gang, known as Dark Angels, has demanded a $51 million ransom and claimed to have stolen over 27 TB of corporate data from the network of Johnson Controls.

Building Automation Giant Johnson Controls Hit by Dark Angels Ransomware Attack

Multinational conglomerate Johnson Controls International has been hit by a massive ransomware attack that encrypted many of its devices, including VMware ESXi servers. The attack, which originated from the company's Asia offices, caused portions of its IT systems to be shut down. Subsidiaries such as York, Simplex, and Ruskin have reported technical outages on their websites. The ransom note from the Dark Angels ransomware gang demands $51 million for a decryptor and claims to have stolen over 27 TB of corporate data. Johnson Controls has confirmed the incident and is working with cybersecurity experts to investigate. The Dark Angels gang is known for double-extortion attacks and operates a data leak site called 'Dunghill Leaks' to extort victims.

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