New report claims Galaxy S24 may outdo the Pixel 8 with its AI features.

Feeling the heat from Pixel 8, Galaxy S24 could steal its headlining features - PhoneArena

With the key smartphone announcements for 2023 out of the way, the next highest-profile release to look forward to is Samsung's Galaxy S24 series . Every week, we see new information trickling in and it's becoming increasingly evident that Samsung is considering copying at least some Apple iPhone 15 and Google Pixel 8 features . But that's how the industry works and per the latest leak, the Galaxy S24 will be going heavy on artificial intelligence.

If you are tired of listening about AI, you might need to get used to it. It's surely the new frontier of technology, and for good reason. AI in smartphones could enable capabilities beyond what hardware alone can achieve, enabling things like smarter interactions with your phone and better photos.

Many of the Pixel 8 's impressive features are powered by AI and not one to be left behind, Samsung may introduce similar AI features in the Galaxy S24 . That's what an exclusive report from SamMobile says.

The Galaxy S24 , S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra could end up being the "smartest AI phones ever" and might even one-up the latest Pixel phones in this regard, according to the report.

The upcoming handsets will apparently have ChatGPT and Google Bard-inspired features which should let them craft content based on keywords provided by users.

The phones may have the company's text-to-image conversion feature which was announced alongside the Exynos 2400 earlier this month. The Galaxy S24 range is also expected to feature better speech-to-text functionality, but the specifics are not known. Hopefully, this will make Bixby a more helpful assistant.

Lastly, SamMobile claims that since the Galaxy S24 will be powered by faster chips than the Pixel 8 's Tensor G3 , it will be faster at performing AI tasks.

It's not known whether these rumored features will be processed on-device or sent to the company's servers, as is the case with most of the Pixel 8's AI-powered features .

We will probably learn more about the Galaxy S24 's AI features in the coming days as the phones will supposedly be announced early next year .

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