Knight has given a deadline of 308 hours and 2 minutes for the ransom payment, threatening to sell or publicly release the stolen data if the management of US Claims Solutions does not respond within 48 hours.

600GB of Data and 308 Hrs Deadline Given Post USCS Cyberattack

The Knight ransomware group, formerly known as Cyclops, has allegedly launched a cyberattack on US Claims Solutions (USCS), an insurance firm. The group claims to have exfiltrated over 600GB of data from the attack. They have demanded a ransom and threatened to sell or release the data if their demands are not met. The group has also claimed responsibility for a cyberattack on BMW Munique motors. Despite the rebranding and advancements in ransomware operations, cybersecurity firms advise seeking professional help and decryption tools to mitigate such attacks.

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